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Paradise Prose is Sleeping (Again)

After successfully negotiating AS Levels in French, English, History and Psychology, lo and behold, here comes the onslaught of Year 13. Homework, university applications, extra reading, an EPQ are just a few things on my never-ending to-do list for the moment. In following with Paradise Prose custom (thanks to schoolwork, this has happened before), the website is going to sleep for some time. Stay tuned for more posts in the near future – once I’ve somewhat emerged from this work flood! Keep reading and readjoicing, Shreya

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Middlemarch by George Eliot: Dorothea Brooke – Feminist or Failure?

In the literary community, there seems to be quite a debate on whether Dorothea Brooke from George Eliot’s Middlemarch is a truly “satisfactory” character. Feminist critics such as Lee R. Edwards have pointed out that Dorothea succumbs to the conservative expectations of society, ultimately becoming no more than a mother and a wife. In some ways, Eliot seems to deny […]

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My First Internship at a Media and Publishing Company: Motivate

So, this internship began with a strange mixture of feelings: excitement, because I was lucky enough to meet someone who could give me the opportunity to intern in one of the UAE’s largest media and publishing companies. Nervousness, because I still felt like a clueless teenager trying to walk around in shoes too big for my size.  There is something dizzying […]

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