Welcome to Paradise Prose

N.B. : Paradise Prose is currently dormant, as I’m busy getting through university reading and preparation. Thank you for your patience!

Hi there! Thanks for coming by. What you see here is my creative writing and literary discussion website of three years, where I….row, row, row my pen, gently down the page, merrily, merrily, merrily, learning along the way. And there’s plenty to learn still: I’m currently 18 years old, and soon setting off to university to study English Literature. If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my modest experience of writing and reading so far, it’s that there are always more possibilities than I can fathom with my present knowledge. Literature in particular is one of the most fruitful media for this understanding, with its ability to absorb almost any discipline under its wing.

I think the internet is one of the wonderful things to happen for young people who want to share their writing and thoughts on literature. I started my first experimental blog on this very subject at the age of eleven. That I finally settled on creating Paradise Prose in 2017 is something for which I am indebted to the many book bloggers I found online. My hope too, was to become a young, thoughtful and driven content creator.

Today, I’ve chosen to move my blog into greater focus on creative writing, as there are already plenty of dedicated book review blogs. At its core, this blog is a manifestation of my love for literature and writing. It’s a gift that I was born with, granted, but it’s a gift that needs lots of effort to bring out of its proverbial wrapping paper.

Click on My Rambles to see my writerly and literary journey over the past few years. It includes the occasional resource, original writing and a generous sprinkle of book reviews. Or, if you’re looking for a guest post or other requests, I’d be happy to hear from you – contact paradiseprose@gmail.com.

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