Welcome to Paradise Prose

Hi there/namaskar! Thanks for coming by. My name is Shreya. I’m a creative at heart, but also a budding literary critic and professor. My scholarly leanings led me to the University of Oxford, where I graduated in July 2022 with a BA Honours in English Language and Literature. What you see here is my creative writing and literary discussion website of 5 years+. This is a space for growth, imagined through words. Here you can join me in observing the world, writing about it and enjoying it.

I think the internet is one of the wonderful things to happen for young people who want to share their writing and thoughts on literature. I created Paradise Prose in 2017, inspired by the many creative bloggers I found online. Recently, I have been heavily inspired by works that find intersections between creativity and research, or creativity and historical / cultural knowledge. Hence, I would dedicate the blog in 2022 to Joy Harjo and Paula Gunn Allen, two of my favorite writers.

Click on the drop down box in My Rambles to see my writerly and literary journey over the past few years. It includes the occasional resource, original writing and a sprinkle of book reviews. Or, if you’re looking for a guest post or other requests, I’d be happy to hear from you – contact paradiseprose@gmail.com.

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