Welcome to Paradise Prose

Hi there/namaskar! Thanks for coming by. My name is Shreya. I’m a creative at heart, and a true lover of English Literature. My passion for books and words led me to the University of Oxford, where I graduated in July 2022 with a BA Honours in English Language and Literature. What you see here is my creative writing and literary discussion website of 5 years+. This is a space for growth, imagined through words. Here you can join me in observing the world, reading about it and enjoying it.

I think the internet is one of the wonderful things to happen for young people who want to share their writing and thoughts on literature. I created Paradise Prose in 2017, inspired by the many book bloggers I found online.

Click on My Rambles to see my writerly and literary journey over the past few years. It includes the occasional resource, original writing and a sprinkle of book reviews. Or, if you’re looking for a guest post or other requests, I’d be happy to hear from you – contact paradiseprose@gmail.com.

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