Blog Manifesto

How do you go about making a Paradise Prose? If only it was as straightforward as picking up the Bodleian Library and magically tossing it onto the Internet, specially customised for young-and-budding literature nerds*. Except it seems I’m going to be the one to dream the dream of a Paradise Prose, a place to follow and learn from the chronicles of a serious journey to explore literature.

Doing all of this, well, that needs you on board. Now watch a rather cheesy video I made introducing the person behind the Prose and her blogging dreams (yup, that’s me!).


1) Paradise Prose (PP) is for you as much as it is for me. Aspiring to get to a top university or excellent grades, GCSE or A levels? I’ll post some help here. My vision is to write this blog for people who are after excellence, not just a grade.

2) PP is a place for in depth book reviews and studying literature however it may cross my path: newspapers, magazines, novels, short stories. Words are everywhere!

3) PP is an incubator for understanding writing styles in different genres and figuring out how to create the same effects in our own work

4) PP is a little nook for people who might relate with my problems and questions while writing (and my own way of solving them), which could help you too.


My English teacher inspired me to think of the “point of literature” in our first few lessons of A level English. I’ve come to think of it as an everlasting gobstopper of insight into the human experience.

5) If all else fails and I’m proved to be a hopeless idealist with no estimate of how schoolwork will trample over my dream future blog, I will continue to uphold these points in whatever way possible. This project is determined to keep going!

Keep reading and read-joicing,


*P.S. I know prose is not all of literature. Paradise every-literary-form-under-the-sun just doesn’t have the same ring to it, okay!


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