Breathe In Dawn, Breathe Out Starlight: A Poem

Moon, sun and earth

The night must fall again

Its heavy curtain holding back

the light, so still and final in

the seeming full-stop of the moon – yet

nightfall is but a blink in the eye of the intelligent world –

only like the flash of eyelashes, closing and opening again

to let in the light – that must come, though the moon’s

distant, vacant face may hide it – and just when you feel sure

that you could reach out and hold that fragile white wafer

in the sky, pop it into your mouth, and feel it melt and crumble

at the roof of your tongue, lose yourself in its indifferent,

unchanging cold, drown in its sea of stale light

It becomes only a portal, a cradle for the immortal sun

Breaking forth, prying the night open with its strong grip

or pushing away the dense dark like the palms of a mother

worn by a lifetime of tireless caring. Golden butterfly, triumphing again

over your star studded pupa, help me remember your fight.