Sixth Week Thoughts: First Term as an English Student at the University of Oxford

Hello again fellow prose-lovers, play enthusiasts and partners in rhyme (sorry, I had to use that pun once it came to mind). Since I last posted, the weeks have flown by and I am already in the penultimate week of my first term. Surreal! Those that have followed my journey to the University of Oxford will know that I like a good reflection post: sharing what works and doesn’t work for me with the world benefits both parties, as I feel like I can be held accountable for sticking to my academic commitments and you, the reader, can take away from it whatever might be useful in your life.

Here is my latest video talking about the progress I’ve made so far and where I am looking to go from here. Also, I’ve now made a new YouTube channel (called Paradise Prose) – so do subscribe if you’d like to keep up to date with my videos. If this little summary of my life at the moment makes me sound under control, please take that with a pinch of salt. University life, topped off with the perpetual struggle of maintaining my mental health, has been the equivalent of trying to tame a dragon that needs the toilet extremely badly and has just swallowed the world’s hottest chilli pepper in mid-flight. I’m aware that makes no sense, but it’s the closest I can get to how I feel!

Love from Paradise Prose to you all!