Falling in Love – A Poem

Trees spilling with boughs of white flowers

Like bright eyes, shrouded in the waxy palms of leaves

I watch some fall, stolen by the breeze, I watch them fall

(in love). Petals unfurling, they embrace the dusk

with open arms, sprinkling the earth. Hush. Listen to them

land: tiny, soft blankets for unseen slumbering fairies.

I dream that the patterns they make are for a ceremony

Blessing your song, making way for your unforgettable tune

Pouring like nectar on my hungry heart.

How the meeting of our eyes let loose waves

that crashed, oh how they rushed onwards

to the shore, like homecoming, or a long-lost lover

I receive them at last, those cool sprays of water, laugh as

they fall into the beloved sands of my open arms, fall (in love).

Nameless grace, your melodies still

ripple in my ears, and in the air still lingers

the fragrant hint of your deep, sweet breath in time

with mine, though you are gone as soon as you arrive –

like those fallen flowers, eloping with the next gust

of summer breeze. I smile though I must let you go,

I smile because I think of your love, like those pearl petals

tumbling away on the wind, taking their magic onwards,

further, I smile because I think of another heart falling open

in your warmth, falling (in love)

By Shreya Manna ©