Self-Song – A Poem

Today is the Bengali New Year (Shubho Noboborsho or Poila Boishak). Since people from West Bengal mark this festivity as a time of auspicious beginnings, I thought that I should write a poem to mark a sacred beginning of my own creation. Sometimes we forget to think about ourselves, the person that we know best and most intimately; that can have dangerous and life-changing consequences. That said, I would like to end this message on a light note with the hope that reading this poem will inspire others to look inwards and cleanse themselves of unhappiness as well!

Image by skalekar1992 from Pixabay


Self-Song by Shreya Manna

I’m sorry. That’s all I can say, self.

You always were so good with words but

you can’t help me now. Heal, self,

heal for me. What can I say to help?

I promise that I take responsibility now

now and forever. So here I am, by your side.

This time will be different.

I will look the child with

the presence as pure as gold straight

in the eye.

Keep reading and read-joicing,