How to Fix a Broken Human: A Poem

Photo by Rachel Claire on

I’m in a new apprenticeship –

Not any intellectual shit,

Reading ‘how to be a human’ lit:

so flip to page 1, where I find it hard,

really no way I can discard,

this overconfidence in my inferiority.

Too many syllables,

(may not be believable)

but it’s true. I cannot see

the “awesome kid” inside of me.

Think just how bad jail would be

If you were the one who ate the keys.

Just grit your teeth and hope. The keys will

come out the other end!

I will come out the other end.

Want to fix a broken being?

Maybe try and hug the maybes.

Maybe, live for the trees. Their dogged reaching for the sky,

their bounteous fruit and leaf, and their endless seed.