A Web of Little Truths?: A Poem

A Web of Little Truths?

By Shreya Manna

I appear to have ingested a fish, yes, a fish,

Bones and all, that is now doing star jumps

In my trachea.

(Surely that makes sense.)

Today I want to tell you about a boisterous child at the temple.

He was interrupting his mother’s prayers with his calls to her

He was, to me, an idol of reverence, sweetly irreverent.

The mind scurries like a burrowing rodent to dig up

Crystalline metal ore of delicious thought.

Cookie the stray downstairs licks herself into shape,

In some desperate attempt to clean herself

Of what I know not – is this a response to grief, a stony-eyed

“Life must go on,” or pure catness? She lost her

three first kittens only four days ago.

Couples walk hand in hand and on like clockwork

I walk as though in fog

Other stories, other beings, so close but yet so opaque

In mist, just out of true sight.

What are their stories?

What peculiar magic marks time

for new bud and new doom?