The Visitor

Image by Frauke Riether from Pixabay

The visitor arrived suddenly, in a rush of pink.

A deep, dark, pink bud on the

Upper-most branch.

The breeze waves bud at

precarious angle.

Rosebud is dewdrop that decided against rolling

off the leaves, took up shop,

Solidified. Now it has become a cocoon,

layer upon layer,

layer upon layer,

layer upon layer,

of condensed petal,  

Huddled in tight embrace, biding time.

Another morning: the bud has opened into lips

pursed to kiss the morning air.

The morning next: an outburst welcomes the sun.

But rains come

heavy and relentless,

day long.

The rose

explodes – only the       center       remains, and

soft, scattered petals martyr themselves on the soil.

Plant looks as it did before: its serpentine stem slowly

revives and stands upright enough, and the soil?

ever-present firm silent strength