About Me

Hi there! Thank you so much for coming here. A little bit about me – I enjoy books (surprise) and music, art, spirituality and nature. I could become a professional idealist and dreamer, if that was a thing, but for now I’m pursuing literary paradise through blogging.

Why bother trying to make a cyber-paradise, that too for literature?  The way I see it, English is like a powerful sceptre; wield it well, and you can use it to influence people by the millions. This is what inspires me to keep exploring language and literature to create an impact on the world for the better – like many arts, it is an incredible looking glass into the human, if not the world’s, condition. Visit the Start Here page to learn more about my mission, what I’ll post and more!

So welcome to a homage to literature and the power it has: a place for AS/A level study help, critical reading of texts, original writing and book reviews. Stay tuned for a post every 2-3 weeks and don’t forget to come say hi on our Facebook page!

P.S. Rest assured, Paradise Prose is not just about prose; other literature will be explored too. Every-literary-form-under-the-sun just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

Note: If any content from my blog is copied elsewhere without my knowledge or permission, the person responsible will be contacted and asked to remove the content.

Keep reading and read-joicing,