My Rambles

Talia (our Joy) Castellano: A Poem in Honour of an Angel

Talia Joy has been a presence in my life since 2012, when I first came across her YouTube videos. It is only at the age of 21 that I have begun to realise how extraordinary Talia’s legacy is. Revisiting her videos, I was inspired to write the following poem. But first, some quotations to provide…

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Mind Monsters Inc.

My mind has birthed some monsters, and I am here to share them with you. Go figure (see below): Parnika was one of my first creations, though I have only named her in hindsight – today. Parnika means small leaf; it is an alternative name for the Goddess Parvathi. She is a small leaf, the…

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When I Make Space to Pause – A Poem

When I Make Space to Pause by Shreya Manna So. When I make space to pause, I listen. The bones at the base of my neck are instruments, Clicking and clacking and croaking under the weight of an uneasy head. My feet oscillate. Drumsticks on a d-d-d-d-drum roll. The mind scans and measures each line…

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