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If Keats Was Sitting the English AS Levels

So, exam “season” is upon us. I wonder what the Romantic poets, with their capacity for celebrating the beauty of nature, would have to say about that phrase. Students, at this time of year, hardly look like poetic inspiration. We really don’t have time to think about gardens, like Blake, nor do we resemble the “dancing daffodils” Wordsworth stumbled upon […]

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Paradise Prose is Sleeping

With around 10 weeks to go before AS exams, life seems more like a ‘pandemonium of past papers and revision notes’ than a Paradise Prose. That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to the next few months, however, with a regional World Scholars Cup coming up (P is for pwaa and paradise…you guessed it), writing a short story for my EPQ and well, more revision. World Scholar’s, by the by, is a shed load of work – this is my first time doing it – but the literature anthology has been super interesting. Maybe one or two of the poems will feature on here later! For now, though, all of this means that Paradise Prose will be going to sleep for a while, perhaps until April. Thank you for reading all my quibbles and prose and poems. I have a long, long way to go but the whole rigmarole of brainstorming, thinking, writing, sharing and getting feedback is something I love doing, even if my work is only in the bud. Hope to see everyone soon! Keep reading and readjoicing, Shreya

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Millat Iqbal (A Character Study): White Teeth by Zadie Smith

“What had gone wrong with these first descendants of the first great ocean crossing experiment? Was there not a substantial garden area, regular meals, clean clothes from Marks ‘n’ Sparks, A class top-notch education?” These are the telling words of White Teeth by Zadie Smith. It’s not only a riotous panorama of multicultural England, but also a must-have for any […]

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