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Blog Manifesto

How do you go about making a Paradise Prose? If only it was as straightforward as picking up the Bodleian Library and magically tossing it onto the Internet, specially customised for young-and-budding literature nerds*. Except it seems I’m going to be the one to dream the dream of a Paradise Prose, a place to follow and learn from the chronicles of a […]

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Prelude by Katherine Mansfield Analysis: Writing Style and Critical Reading

I will try my best to make this the most engaging analysis ever. However, I need your full sympathy, seeing as I’ve never read any modernist short stories, let alone works that are done by one of the ‘best short-story writers of all time’! The idea behind this is to analyse reading and writing in Katherine Mansfield’s acclaimed short story, Prelude. Why? […]

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NUHA Writing Competition: Let Me Be a Girl, Not A Bride

If you’ve been reading my earlier posts, you’ll know about my plans to submit an essay for the NUHA Foundation Blogging Prizes Writing Competition. I’m finally done! You can vote for my essay by liking or commenting below my essay on their website: It’s an essay centred on the issue of child marriage, a practice which isn’t the first […]

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