Waterfall (A Poem by Shreya Manna)

Sometimes I feel like a waterfall wrestling with gravity I am heavy and torrential and endlessly crashing against granite. Somehow I spill into the canals dug by words,  Slowing, a stream, rolling along soft clay. What I see is a stream of consciousness moving forward. What I see is the endless play of elements as… Continue reading Waterfall (A Poem by Shreya Manna)

Dear God, Why Did You Make The Night? (A Poem)

It shocks me beyond words to think of the horror that the girls in the Muzaffarpur children's home in Bihar have faced. This poem cannot come close to expressing the damage that such sexual, mental and physical violence does. Nevertheless, I had to write about it. This poem is for those girls and their immeasurable… Continue reading Dear God, Why Did You Make The Night? (A Poem)

Isabella; or, The Pot of Basil

A pot of basil, two lovers and a tragedy. It's a plot that will always sound like you've heard it before (save for the pot of basil.) This week, read my take on the tragic Romantic-era poem 'Isabella' by Keats.

The Grandmother-Great: A Poem by Shreya Manna

How do I introduce this poem? It is about a beginning or an end that I will ever fully understand. It is about a poem in it's own way; a human one, a memento of your heritage. What you are about to read is the humble attempt of a great-granddaughter, who, making her own way… Continue reading The Grandmother-Great: A Poem by Shreya Manna