Waterfall (A Poem by Shreya Manna)

Sometimes I feel like a waterfall wrestling with gravity I am heavy and torrential and endlessly crashing against granite. Somehow I spill into the canals dug by words,  Slowing, a stream, rolling along soft clay. What I see is a stream of consciousness moving forward. What I see is the endless play of elements as… Continue reading Waterfall (A Poem by Shreya Manna)

NUHA Writing Competition: Let Me Be a Girl, Not A Bride

If you've been reading my earlier posts, you'll know about my plans to submit an essay for the NUHA Foundation Blogging Prizes Writing Competition. I'm finally done! You can vote for my essay by liking or commenting below my essay on their website: http://www.nuhafoundation.org/home/bloggingprizes_english/youth/let_me_be_a_girl_not_a_bride#.WZ0zOPojHIV It's an essay centred on the issue of child marriage, a… Continue reading NUHA Writing Competition: Let Me Be a Girl, Not A Bride